Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OT - Cleaning up my feed reader

Not really WoW related, but it's certainly appropriate these days. Over the course of the year bloggers come and bloggers go. I certainly don't hold anythig against someone who chooses to step away from the game or writing - I've certainly taken my breaks in the past. Where I come to the challenge is when do I unsubscribe from them on the feed reader. Pulling them off my blog roll isn't really an issue, since they will eventually just fall to the bottom.

What I'm talking about is the reader I use to keep track of every blog I read. There's always this moment of hesitiation every time I prepare to unsubscribe from a blog I've found. Many bloggers go dark for a while and then come back, and I'm always worried that maybe they will return and I'll miss it. This is especially true if it's a blogger that I enjoyed reading because of thier style over thier substance. I don't really know why I worry about these things. My reader is now full of blogs that have either closed the doors, stopped blogging about WoW, or in some cases, have gone on to full WoW bashing. I don't really care what you want to write about, but unless you're just a good writer in general, I probably don't want to hang around.

The other group that I regularly unsubscribe from is bloggers that only give me a teaser in the reader. I don't want to be forced to visit your site just to check out your post for the day. So today I went through and ripped off the bandage. A whole list of blogs I unsubscribed to. It's alright. My organized side thanks me for getting rid of blogs that I just don't read and only hit "mark all as read" just in case there's something interesting. And it's now a lot easier to scroll through to the blogs I do want to read.

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