Tuesday, March 29, 2011

H-Atramedes down - 4/13

Add another notch to the two healed encounters - H-Atramedes went down last week. I really love this fight - even though on normal it's a snoozefest - just becuase of the interesting mechanic. Having a sound bar really puts a lot of weight on the shoulders of the individual raider as well.

Some of the differences

The first difference between normal and heroic is the add (shocker - heroic mode = adds!) that shows up and jumps on your raiders (think snowbalds from ToC). They can be interrupted, have low HP, and need to be nuked quickly. You can't target them until they land on someone, but they need to be focused quickly. Besides doing a little damage, they add 10 sound per hit, so someone can get in trouble very quickly. The second difference is Nef will occasionally mess with your raid by nuking a gong before you can click it. It's good to have someone as a backup gong hitter, because this can really bite you in the butt. Just make sure you don't hit two gongs if you don't need to. Finally, the damage is just crazy high. Fire moves faster and lasts longer on the ground, there's more sound disks (they always launch at someone, never towards the wall), and the disks in Phase 2 explode faster.

It's pucker time

This fight has a lot of spike healing, but it didn't have the same pressure feel as Magmaw. There are some lulls during the fight where you can nab mana via Divine Plea, and I personally like to stand with the melee so I can heal them with LoD and HR. I also snag a few melee swings to get just a little more mana if I can. The big difference is that any moment that may lead to "must heal now!" generally means your target is already dead. Of course I say that now, but my WoL and HPS says I was really cooking. Maloriak is next on the 2 heal list. It's going to be a week before we get ay attempts on him though, due to us missing a raider this week. Working on new H-mode bosses with a PUG isn't my idea of a good time.

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