Tuesday, March 1, 2011

T11 buffed - just in time for T12

Well kiss my grits. Not one day after defending the T11 4pc as being at least decent (it's still not the worst set bonus I've seen), Blizzard goes and updates the patch notes to show a change in the T11 4pc.

Now grants 540 Spirit for 6 sec after casting Holy Shock.

Now that's a buff that I'm sure even Chase could get behind. If you manage to cast HS on every CD (which you should be anyway), that is a flat 540 buff to your spirit for the entire fight. Doing some quick napkin math, this works out to about 333.33 (repeating of course) mana returned per cast.

So let's see here...1873 mana per cast of Holy Shock, with 333 returned, means you're getting about 20% of the mana back on your cast. Assuming you're casting it on CD, you'll get 5 of these casts off every 30 seconds, giving you about 1665 mana back.

Stop the presses!

Oh my goodness, it looks like the mana returned from this is actually LESS than the mana returned before. The biggest difference (and I will admit, it is big enough to be the deal breaker here) is that we WANT to be casting HS every CD. Holy Radience isn't something we necessarially want to be casting unless we need to. So overall, we might see a slightly higher mana return from this change than we did with having our buff be attached to HR. I know for example that I cast a lot more HS than I do HR, so we'll see.

In the end though, it's going to be pretty much of a wash. It'll be enough of a change to help tide you over until you start picking up T12 (I assume we'll see T12 with this content patch), and I'll definately pick up a set of Cho'gall's shoulders now, just so I have one more piece to mess with.


  1. Hm. That *does* make it more interesting, as, like you said, I am using HS at every opportunity. I'm still not entirely sure I will spend JPs on it rather than waiting for Halfus to cough up my pants, but I sure won't turn up my nose if Argoloth decides to drop some tier in my lap.

  2. Eh - if you're raiding regularly, you should have the points available to pick them up - unless you're gearing all three specs out. Even then, it shouldn't take long.

  3. Urgh, totally annoyed that they fixed teh 4pc buff :( I didnt even buy a single piece yet lol


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