Friday, September 25, 2009

10 man raid vs Ony 25

After getting our 25 attempts remaining "Tribute to Insanity" achievement last night, we were a little confused on what to do with the rest of our raid night. Algalon is still taunting us, but he doesn't seem as attractive any more. Instead we went down to the Wyrmbog, and decided to tackle 25m Ony - with just 10 folks.

Phase One

Damage was manageable, with a few spikes when I'd catch a wing buffet/cleave/breath all at once. Obviously manageable, as we went into Phase Two with both healers > 95% mana. For having 22 million HP, we were taking her down smoothly and evenly - no real problems.

Phase Two

Now it got interesting. The whelps weren't a big issue, but the guardians added a bit of a twist. They (unfortunately) took so long to burn that our ranged wasn't getting any real time on Ony. This is where we finally wiped. I will say though, that I think with a little more planning, we might have gotten closer. 57% with 10 people was our final number.

Bring on the PUGs!!

Hopping into trade I quickly rounded up a fair mix of retarded and good players. Obviously when we asked "How many did her pre BC" and we got a 100% "I did" folks were lying. Either that, or they were fire hugging, tail-whip eating, idiots in Vanilla. One DK - I swear to all that is holy - was tail whipped every single attempt - sometimes more than once.

He also kept dying to blastwaves from the guardians. Pro tip - if you see the tank running like hell from a mob - you should probably do the same. Kind of like that t-shirt "I'm with the bomb squad. If you see me running, try and keep up".

The PUG DPS wasn't great, a few were under the tank, but it was enough to push the old gal down into Phase 3. We had one Phase 3 wipe, but that was due to 1/3 of the raid getting cleaved while moving her into position.


The fight was a nice throwback, and we'll be farming her every week for those badges. Hopefully we can get a quick PUG again next week for the 25 man. Those extra 3 badges will add up quick.

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