Monday, September 28, 2009

Some little things

First - I learned this week that I'm an absolute moron when it comes to my blog. I can recite Cisco commands from heart, rebuild a SQL database from memory, and have the IP of every major device in my office memorized - but I didn't realize I was writing all my blogs in the "Edit HTML" tab. No wonder I didn't have any options for lists or fonts.

Second - I at least figured out how to resize the YouTube videos I embedded, so I could go back to the style sheet I liked. They're small - but I figured folks could edit them in as they see fit. Now if I could just figure out how to make a link go back to wowhead on mouseover (so I can link items and talents without having to click on them to go there) I'd be sitting really pretty.

Finally - a small drawback to the mage Arcane spec. Our resident buffet provider went Arcane after the patch, and to make the most of his talents (whatever one it is that gives him SP for damage absorbed) the Disc priest and I have been shielding him all the time. On the plus side - he does a lot more damage. My SS and our disc priest's PW:S are pretty tough. Add that to his own mana shield, and his SP is through the roof. The drawback is that he lives a lot more now. We used to depend on him dying - it was a measure of a good pull if he died, but we didn't wipe.

We've lost that now.

As an aside - I'm now torn about what to do with my new badges. I've got all the tank gear I need/want - aside from my tier tokens - and I've saved up enough badges to buy those once I get the idols. I see no point in replacing my ilvl 245 gear with 232 T9 - even though the 4 piece is pretty sweet for some fights. I generally only heal for 2 or 3 fights (faction champs, Firefighter, Yogg+1) - so upgrading the healing gear isn't as crucial. I'm running 5/5 Deadly, with all the furious off set pieces except the cloak (another weekend and I'll be sporting that).

So the question is - do I get Furious gear with tokens, or wait until my 3s arena is high enough to get them? I wonder if I can get the savage off sets with a reasonable rating. Oh, and WTB PvP weapon for last season. There's something dumb about being all decked in PvP gear, but with PvE shield and mace strapped on.

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  1. So now you know how to use fonts and change the text colors and you didn't even utilize those features for this post?

    I'm hurt.


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