Monday, September 28, 2009

LFG Idiots - a small rant

I'll be the first to admit that I'm something of an instance snob. I refuse to run Brewfest with anything other than guild mates (primarially because I don't need anything, or want anything, from there - there's not even badges for crying out loud), I hate ToC, and the Occulus can get bent. Of course this is on my Paladin - on my alts I'll take whatever I can get.

It's also true that for every bad PuG there seems to be a good PuG - or at least one good PuG member. This is the guy who helps summon, isn't an idiot, or at least does some decent baseline DPS. I personally love seeing a PUG with a ton of Heirloom items as well - because at least you know they put in some time with one other toon - so they should know the basics at least.

My real rant

I hate PuGs that base entrance or acceptance on arbitrary numbers. LF 3k DPS, 2k SP, 30k HP, etc. Of course my true favorites are those that want you to link Starcaller before you can get into a Naxx 10. 90% of the time all this leads to is a busted run. Sure - nobody wants to carry the 400 DPS fury warrior (really - how is that possible?) through a run or a raid - but you won't get that information until you see him play. Hell - I could state that my mage is a 3k mage, and she might be - if I blew all my CDs on a massive trash AoE.

What you dont know is if I can manage my mana properly. Will I be on fumes at the end of a 30 second fight? Do I know when I should use defensive CDs while tanking? Take your chances with the rest of us. Sometimes you get gold - othertimes you get a gold plated turd.

Just because we're successful

Doesn't mean I want to pick out curtains with you. Sure, you can friend me - but don't think I'm going to tank/heal any old heroic for you just because I'm on. Now, if more badge/token pieces were BoE - different story. I've got to earn those badges the hard way on my alts though, and the invites just don't fly in as fast on the old mage.

Finally - if you're in a melee DPS role, and we have to hunt around looking for a healer - then yes - I'm going to roll on that healing neck that may not be 100% itemized for my DPS. Your offspec can go pound sand.


  1. There was a really nice discussion on *gasp* trade the other day (I know, a pig flew past my window a few seconds later) that went something on the lines of:

    Person: *repeated call* LFM Naxx 10, link achi.

    This was low key annoying me the way stupidity on trade usually does but then somebody, actually very sensibly and lucidly, called him on it, pointing out that it was perfectly possible to get the achi by dying in the first few seconds of every fight, or what if you happened to be running on an alt, or what if you were just a good player who hadn't yet done Naxx?

    Brief silence.

    And then: LFM Naxx 10, link achi.


    Also: "I hate ToC, and the Occulus can get bent."


  2. Now that's good ranting. I feel full now.

  3. I've really gotten annoyed with PUGs lately playing my warrior. I leveled my warrior because I discovered Arms and Fury to be a lot more fun than Ret. So my pally remains tank/healer, and my warrior currently has two DPS specs.

    I've had to put up with some pretty horrific PUGs on my warrior because it can just be extremely hard to find a PUG as melee DPS. It seems that very often the queues will be half full of just DKs, Paladins, and Warriors who only list DPS.

    I used to get annoyed by people who didn't even bother to have a tank off-spec, but now I'm one, so I can't complain, and just have to put up with it.

    On my paladin there really isn't such a thing as a bad heroic PUG because they're also so damn easy with a good tank... except Occulus.

  4. I still get annoyed by hyribds that don't bother to learn the heal/tank aspect of their class (or the DPS aspect I suppseo) - especially when a group is stalling for lack of heals/tank. It's one of the main reasons I rolled a Paladin and made him my main in Wrath - I never have to sit in LFG for long. My wimpy little mage however...


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