Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our perfect night - almost

Last night was a total zerg fest - and it was amazingly awesome. We started about 15 minutes late waiting on our resident rogue, but then rolled into Ony. It seems Blizzard reads my Blog - because Lady Prestor was not amused and we actually wiped twice. Well - the first one was because both tanks ran into the whelp cave to go for the achievement - and we both DC'd. Oops. The second was just due to being dumb. Our DPS is so high that she's landing around the time the whelps are burned down. This makes getting her back into position a touch tricky.


Into ToC regular. Total zerg, very boring. I think there was one moment where a battle rez was used because the hunter was being silly - but that may have been on Heroic......I'm pretty sure we're not even trying any more in regular. It's a lot of fun though, since we almost pushed Anub into Phase 3 before he had a Phase 2......

One request to Blizzard - let me get back to the tournament grounds without having to go to Dalaran. That's just annoying. I've saved you all from a loose demon, I've killed Arthas's minion, and I've battled the most annoying PvP team that the Alliance can toss at me. Why oh why must I go back to Dalaran when I just want to reset the instance as heroic and start over?

Tribute to more than 45 attempts (skill? Insanity? Skilled Insanity?)

Either way - we got it done last night. Four wipes on FC was our only stumble, although we're still falling apart at the end of Phase 3 on Anub. I think there were three left standing at the end, and two of those died to the DoT. Still, a kill is a kill. I just wish I'd Fraps'd this one.

So from Trash to Cash - just over two hours for 33 badges, and a whole lot of loot out of ToC. Getting four idols is really nice, as I'm sure folks will want to get multiple sets of gear (greedy hybrids). I'm saving up my tokens for my 245 set pieces and some Furious Gladiator stuff.

If anyone has any tips on making a tanking video more interesting (let's be honest, how long can you watch Ony's face breathe fire on someone?) I'm all ears. I'm trying to get some collaborative work done with our Disc priest - maybe shoot the video from multiple angles.

I may be healing a 25 man ToC this weekend, if so, I'll have some numbers and feedback on how much I suck at healing now.


  1. Wow, nicely done! Sounds like your have an amazingly well-tuned 10man team. I'm pretty jealous. :P

  2. I don't know if it's well tuned - or if we just know each other from years of raiding together.

  3. Actually, *I* am amazingly well tuned, and the others are barely good enough for me to allow them to bask in my glory.

    <3 <3


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