Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A full 10

It's amazing how much better things work when you have a full group. Last night saw the return of a friend, and a switch in roles for one of our Shaman. Talk about being thrown to the wolves "Here's Algalon where you used to be 1/3 healers - now there's just two of you!". Did a pretty good job though.

Tank Librams

Get the new badge libram. I swear it has 100% uptime, and that's about 5% dodge. I'm not pro enough to switch librams for stacking the shield block plus the dodge - and that's going away in 3.2.2 anyway. The loss of the GCD seemed to hurt too much anyway - as on some fights I'm really pushing to stay on top threat wise.


I still don't have a lot of math on this, but I can definately "feel" the changes from 3.2. BoL is hugely OP now though, especially with the increased HoT from SS and FOL. I'm having to toy with the idea of three heals on Algalon though, just because of the insane amount of damage that's getting tossed out. I'm at 47k raid buffed, and our druid is at 50k - and we're still getting rolled down on transitions. Having the same 10 guys for a few attempts in a row should be enough though - and I'm hoping to post the "We got him!" blog soon.

Alt Leveling

AV XP after 70 is huge. My little mage (with both XP boosting Heirlooms) is getting about two full bars per win. Forget questing.


  1. I keep hearing this about AV and as a healer, who is really only leveling another healer alt, yeah seems like a good place to be. I learn to heal in groups alot, and who cares about chievies, and quests when you have heirloom items. I already have all those on my pally.
    I have to say I am also just learning to tank, and your site which offers help to healers, (my true wove), and tanks is awesome. Thanks

  2. I'm glad to hear you're tanking now. It's my true passion. Good luck on Algalon.

    I agree that the current Beacon is very powerful now. But at the same time it really gets rid of a lot of the frustration from the old one, making healing a little more fun for me if I don't have to worry about sniped heals killing a tank.

    And I hate having to PUG a 10th. Every week for the past two months at least one regular has been out and we've had to PUG in the last one. We've had our Ulduar raid lockout sitting with the keepers cleared for a month now, since something always comes up and we don't end up with enough time to finish it after doing ToC stuff (we only raid 6hrs/week)

  3. @arkaneena - AV is definately the place to cut your teeth on learning to heal large groups. If you're very lucky folks will see you healing and protect you. If not, at least you'll learn to BOF and Bubble yourself regularly. I also go to AV any time I do a new keybind config or try a new piece of hardware.

    @periodic - I've been a tank most of my WoW life. I started out as a rogue, but switched in MC and tanked my way through Vanilla and BC. I only switched to healing when my pocket pally was burning out - and in WotLK we had a severe shortage of healers. Now I'm back tanking again - and I've almost got the pocket pally back in healing gear.


  4. I'm too busy being delicious to heal.


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