Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I was expecting more of Lady Prestor

Seriously - LOL @ ONY. Don't get me wrong, considering her loot table was on par with regular TOC 10/25 I wasn't expecting Algalon - but this is it? Nothing changed, and not only did she not deep breath more - she didn't deep breath AT ALL.

Yes - we're all in 245/232 gear and essentially farm Heroic ToC/10. Yes, we all did Ony back when it was 40 people you didn't know and some guy named Puff telling you what to do. No, we weren't expecting something huge....but this, this loot pinata. I'm fairly certain she's still soloable.

7:42 - that's the time from buff to loot (trash buff, not at Ony). She went down in phase one so fast I thought I'd lost agro some how. I can't even imagine what it would have been if our druid had been cat instead of bear. Her fire breath wasn't even enough to punch through our Disc priest's shield.

Phase Two saw about 20 whelps, and two guardians. They were quickly AoE'd (whelps) and the guardians tanked down. Once she came down into Phase Three it was just tank and spank, and with the changes to fear mechanics (back in BC so non warriors could tank Nightbane) she doesn't even change targets.

How it should have happened

Tank runs in, grabs Ony, moves to back wall where she's been tanked for years. At 95%, just enough time to let everyone settle in, a giant spike shoots through the wall one shotting the tank (like a million damage, think Mimi's rockets), even through the Paladin Ardent Defender.

Assuming the OT can pick her up, he dances her around until Phase 2. During phase 2 she drops meteors and nukes, with deep breaths ever 15 sec or so (randomize it). When she finally lands, her fire from the ground does real fire damage - and chunks of the floor turn into magma/lava - doing like 6k a tick. Goblins loyal to Deathwing are trying to run out with the eggs, only breaking more and sending them into the raid.

Yeah - that's what should have happened. Instead we got the achievments and the loot in less time than it takes to make a PB&J. She'll die every week - if just for the bag and the 3 badges. Hey, I've got three specs to flesh out - I need those things.


  1. I enjoyed how somehow the 10man version was about 10x more difficult than 25. Altogether though, it's a huge cake walk. Disappointing in some respects, but Ony's supposed to be a big wet kiss to everyone for the anniversary, so I guess I'll take my free purps and enjoy them.

  2. Our guild finally got around to doing the 10-man tonight. We're still working on Yogg and we've cleared out ToC.

    I breifly explained what to do and this fight was cake. The only part where it might have gotten a bit hard is initially after picking up the whelps our tanks started dipping in health. We were runnning two healers, including one who was off-specced.

    She's just one giant loot pinata. Probably even easier than Jaraxxus.

    Then again, this may be Blizzard's goal. They made normal ToC really easy and part of that is to help people gear up for IC and to let the newer raiders catch up with the old.

  3. I think that's part of it Periodic - also like Rhidach said - it's basically just a kiss to those that have been around awhile. The loot isn't bad, especially if you're not getting hard mode ToC - and it's easily puggable...more on that in my post today.


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