Monday, November 9, 2009

Gear, glorious gear

It's been a slow raid week - what with knocking out all the 'progression' content on Tuesday and Thursday, leaving me plenty of time to work on what has been an amazing quest line - namely Icecrown. Yeah, I know - Wrath has been out for a year, and I'm just now doing IC quests? That's the beauty of being a tank/healer I suppose. I spent most of my time leveling in dungeons.

And Mal'Ganis? For real? No wonder everyone laughed when I mentioned (quite recently) that it'd be cool to see him show up again.

House Cleaning

The other thing I did this weekend was go through my bags and bank to clear out some old stuff. I fully embrace the hybrid aspect of the Paladin class, so I currently maintain five, yes five, full sets of gear. This of course doesn't include special stat pieces like BV, hit, etc - or some mp5/crit trinkets I keep around.

Here's my bank before it started.

Yes, that's right, I had 11 sets of legs in the bank - and I was wearing my full tank set while I was doing this. In my defense though, one of those sets turned out to be a vendor blue...

Something worth noting - If you look at my first 2 columns in my backpack, you'll see things I carry regardless of what I'm doing. Full consumables. Flasks, symbols, etc - all ready to go. Granted with Jeeves around I don't really have to worry about it, but you never know when he might have to be somewhere pressing.

Here's the finished product. The only thing that makes me 'sad' is that I'll have to redo it when I get 24 slot bags.

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  1. what are the add-ons you are using for your bags and for your HUD?


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