Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stop the Insanity!

Image courtesy of Monger over at Save The Lightwell, I think he has some kind of graphic's design background. Personally, I'm happy when I can get SnagIT to do a screenshot properly.

After two disheartening 49 attempt weeks, we finally got this bad boy down. We had a couple of close calls on Beasts - at one point the bear tank went down and I was holding both worms, and we lost our tree druid twice on FC. We even lost Monger on Anub, but fortunately that was right around 1%, so we pulled it off.

The necessary sacrifice

One of our shaman pulled this old link out of the interwebs, defining the people in your raid. It's a general consensus that Twerp is this guy.

The Gnomish Sacrifice

This guy plays a Gnome mage, warlock, or rogue. He plays it really well, but has threat issues. Often enough he forgets to watch the threat meter and pulls aggro. The Raid doesn't wipe, but he sure does. He laughs about it and gets back on with the raid, and has since become a running gag for the guild. The raid now doesn't believe they will do well without his sacrifice early on in the night. If nothing else, he's good to laugh at.

Getting our pound of flesh

After two failed Tribute to Insanity runs, I wasn't taking any chances. I think Twerp may have had a heads up as to what was happening, but I had him marked for dead on Ony. I waited for her to land in Phase 3, and then worked on getting him cleaved.

Point of note: He's slippery. He used a fine combination of Ice Block, Blink, and Invis to try and avoid it, but I eventually got him smoked. I also managed to kill a shaman, and get the tree booted into a whelp cave at the same time.

Obviously it worked. It had nothing to do with over-gearing the instance, being IMBA, or using a new strat for beasts. No, I'm sure it had to do with making the proper offering - even if he isn't a gnome any more.


  1. Grats man!

    Have a shaman make a point of putting water walking on your sacrificial raider when the floor breaks down to Anub. Hopefully they won't notice in time to click off or slowfall. Instant good luck. :D

  2. Nah - he's way to wiley for that. Besides, it has become a game to see how many folks he can get killed before we kill him.


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