Friday, November 20, 2009

Rambling Friday

No, this isn't a loot post, unless you count real life loot. This week I picked up a new Netbook - it's pretty slick, even if it does run Windows 7. I'll be taking it on holiday with me this week as I travel to someplace warm. My only 'gripe' is that it won't run WoW. I'm not surprised, though it would have been a nice perk. Raiding on a 10" screen would have been a challenge though.

I also picked up the Razer Naga. I have a real review in the works, but my initial impressions are good. I really like the feel of the mouse, and the button placement is getting more ingrained. I'm definately having to retrain my fingers though. I've seen a slight dip in TPS, but fortunately our DPS is pretty sharp, and a liberal application of ToT from our rogue helps keep things sealed.

3.3 incoming

If it wasn't for a blue post I stumbled on today, I'd guess that 3.3 is coming next week - simply because I probably won't be able to raid while I'm out of town. The blue post I saw indicates that 3.3 is still a few weeks away however, so it remains to be seen. Based on that, and the intentional delay of raid bosses from ICC, I'd say we're looking at a June/July timeframe for Cataclsym release. It seems a long ways off, but given the drastic changes being implemented, it's really very close. I certainly think it will be here before the next Blizzcon.

I'm also very excited about the Frost Wyrms. I'm guessing now that Invincible will be akin to the Gnome head mount - something very very rare - but I'll hold out hope for a few more weeks while the PTR gets polished out.

A tasty snack

I've been promised Jimmy Johns next week. I don't care that it's a two hour drive.


  1. I've been telling everyone who asks me Cataclysm will be released 23 July 2010. Why? Well I figured if people kept asking they wanted an answer ... so I gave them one.

  2. Blizzard has released the last two expansions at the top of the 4th quarter. What makes you think Cata will be different?

  3. I think that a year will be too long for them to wait between ICC and Cataclysm is all. They didn't want to end on The Sunwell, but they had to add that content to stretch out their development time. I recall reading that the staff didn't want to have that happen again - and that ICC should be the end instance.

    Assuming we do get a month between wings (I really hope it's not that) we should see Arthas by March or so - maybe April. Six more months is a long time.

    Then again - I'm just guessing - it's my guess, not a statistical fact.


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