Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting upset over strange things

One of my favorite things in WoW, and this is right up there with killing someone in WSG and watching them get the Flag of Ownership dumped on them by Mongrr, is reading the complaints and and gripes of the WoW community.

Now I know that the posters on the official forums, and even those that read WoW related Blogs, are a very small minority of the player base. Even the idiots in Trade chat are tiny fraction (oh how I can't wait for the new LFG tool - goodbye Trade), but where is all the hate coming from?

Are players experiencing such a level of entitlement that any change to the game causes them to froth at the mouth like rabid dogs?

We all have priorities

Everyone who plays has something they are after. Be it achievements, PVE raids, PVP, Arenas, or RP - we all play for a reason. Personally, I'm a PVEer. I do PVP because right now I'm bored with the lack of new raid content, but ICC is right around the corner and I can satisfy my WoW needs with some other activities in game.

I'm not a fan of holiday events in game, but then again, I'm not a fan of holiday events in real life. I'm glad that some folks enjoy them, and while I don't like being hit with a costume wand or something - I can simply click it off. I deal with a few days of extra lag, or streams of "LFG Holiday dungeon of the month", but it's really not a big deal. The only time I get a little upset is when it interferes with my ability to raid. "Summon me back to Kara, I need to trick or treat for my toothpick".

The same is true for the Micro-Transactions that were introduced in game. From name change to faction change, gender switch to mini-pet - these are all cosmetic changes in the game. They have no real impact on my ability to raid, and they provide an additional level of enjoyment for many folks.

Why you mad bro?

So what causes the anger? Is it just internet anonymity coming out to play? Is there any real meat behind these gripes and complaints?

Something tells me that there's just no logical explanation for any of this. Regardless of what happens, someone - somewhere - will need to get riled over it. Be it Ony's return, flying in Azeroth, no flying in Azeroth, etc, etc.

I think these folks need to relax a little and take a deep breath. This games is supposed to be fun after all. Isn't it?


  1. that toothpick was an rng nightmare... pretty sure i did get it when i hearthed out of of kara lol <3

  2. Read a post by cold comfort on nerd rage, similarly good read. What -is- wrong with the world, I don't know.


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