Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stop the QQ Train

Another week, another round of patch notes, and another week of sobs and tears. The crying is overflowing on the official forums, and I'm sad to say, out in the blogsphere as well.

Look, I understand it's slow right now. ToC is a snore fest, 3D zergs take 8 minutes, and I just posted a video on us killing Twins and Anub in under 4 minutes (on regular). We're shooting for achievements like Earth, Wind, and Fire just to stay focused - and then seeing how many PUGs we can pull through hard mode achievements.

But seriously, can't we find something else to write about?

A different view

I mentioned the other day that sometimes I feel like I'm playing a different game than other Paladins or players. After five(?) years of playing, I just can't get excited about changes to the class mid patch. Granted, I haven't been playing a Paladin the whole time, so I didn't go through the days of being pigeon-holed as a cleansebot in MC - or the loret days of BC. I started my Paladin towards the end of BC, and I can honestly say that we have three very viable specs and trees right now.

Up to this point, nothing that Blizzard has posted about Paladin changes has struck me as an overall nerf. The LoH screaming right now is a pure case of Chicken Little, as nothing has been officially said about it's existence in 3.3. We may see it change, or go away entirely by Cataclysm, but today - right now - there's no changes posted.

Sacred Shield is taking a slight hit. I look forward to fewer healprots in arenas, and this will reduce our retadin's survivability by a teeny amount. We might see more of a hit in Arenas, but as long as we're getting immolated for 14k while having 1k resilience, that SS isn't really what's saving us.

Even if Rhidach's doomsday prediction is right, Paladins will still be powerful, and (gasp) possibly in line with everyone else.

Yes, Paladins could use a few tricks. I'd love to have an interrupt with a shorter CD like warriors - but I'll take AD. A charge/deathgrip would be cool - but instant agro on 3 targets (plus I can be Captain America) kinda passes that.

I can change seals to up my mana, health, or DPS - change judgements - all on the GCD.

Oh - and take the crying about "Icewell Radiance" and pitch it out the window. I'll take smoother damage tyvm.

We may not be perfect, but we're doing alright.


  1. 100% agreement. Theres a lot that could be done with the paladin class at the moment but a) its not going to happen before Cataclysm because they aren't going to reinvent the wheel before then and b) its not that bad! War is bad. Nuclear proliferation is bad. Lay on Hands being nerfed? Not the end of the world as we know it.

    But some players will just never learn they don't get to be overpowered. To those players, to all the people who say 'OMG if LoH getz nerfed i quit WoW' I say 'Bye, Hugs, Morri' ;) Is it more insulting if I quote GC? I do hope so.

  2. Maybe it's just the people I've had to run with, but it seems to me that a smart paladin tank is still one of the best, if not the best, tanks out there.

    Paladin healers are doing fine, though it's a bit boring.

    And Ret can pull ridiculous damage like everyone else... with self heals!

    None of these changes are really game breaking. None of them will really hurt our ability to tank in 99.9% of situations. It's not like we use LoH all the time anyway.

  3. I'm starting to feel guilty about how every post lately is a QQ-fest. However, you can't beat easy blog fodder.

  4. Eh - don't worry Rhidach - for every QQ you're posting, I've got the Blizzard fan boy counter posted :)

    The best thing about this is the discussions that can happen. Blindly screaming and ranting does nothing - but looking at the overall picture can sometimes make a specific detail stand out.


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