Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My healers are OP

or "How I almost cost us a 2nd Inanity run"

How it began

I should have known something was up, the night was running too smooth. Beasts was a walk, nobody died, and nobody got frozen by poison. We lost a healer on Jaraxsus, but our DPS was so high we burned him down before we got a second set of infernals.

Then it went sideways.

Now normally, on regular ToC(10) we run with two healers - the same two who heal us all night long. Tonight however, was different. My offspec was still set to PvP healing, so I switched to that instead of staying Prot. I haven't found being Prot to be overly helpful, and the extra healing can't hurt. On ToGC(10) we actually had four healers - so it was a little slow, but nobody died.

Enter the Twins

Quick spec change, rebuff, and away we go. No wipes, few deaths, and we're looking at heading into Anub with a full 50 attempt slate. I did however notice that I was taking a bit more damage than usual, so I zoomed in a little to get a better image of my toon.

I should have stayed ignorant.

Instead of sporting my near 50k and tank gear of awesome, I was instead (you guessed it) in my Holy PVP gear. Sporting about 32k health, and zero defense (I do have over 1k resilience though - so I'm crit immune), panic started setting in. Here we were, going for a 2nd week of flawlessness, and I was one bad hit string away from ruining it. I couldn't even use my defensive trinkets, as I had my PvP trinkets equipped instead.

Fortunately as soon as I said something over vent (it was colorful to say the least), Unbearabull (our druid tank) immediately realized what was going on. I popped an armor pot, and concentrated on keeping SS and HS up. I switched to SoL for the healing, and I saw some CDs come my way. He will probably never admit it, but I'm pretty sure that W-crusher tossed Sacrifice on me.

My luck ran out around 10%, and our rogue died in the transition - but the Bull picked her up, and we finished with just a few scratches. I'm willing to bet that Monger loved every second of it too - probably the hardest he's had to work on that fight in a while.

The moral

Check your gear before pulling. It was a brain dead mistake that could have cost me this baby. Of course our Anub kill was a skin of the teeth as well. It's amazing how quickly the fights can go from steady to out of control.

I have to salute the guys (and gal) that make up Parabola. Smart play, covering some dumb mistakes, and high output let us get through some stupid moves.

Of course now the question is - how many heroics can I tank while healing?


  1. And how many can you heal in your tank gear ;)

  2. that would have been an interesting fight to watch. no one fraps'd it by any chance did they? XD

  3. I don't think it was captured, no. I don't even know if we had a combat log running for that fight. Generally we video new fights (going for first kills) or if we're trying something new, speed run, achievement, etc. Since this was just a run of the mill Twins (so we thought) I don't think Monger got it - I'll ask him though.

    @Tamarind - I don't know how many I could heal in tank gear, but I think I could heal all of them in Holy gear with Prot talents..seeing as that's how I heal heroics. The biggest issue would be mana. I'd probably have to taunt an add just to get Sanct procs for mana.

  4. Wow, and I thought it was bad I kept Seal of Justice up during Twins. Thanks for making me feel better. :)

  5. that's a great read, well done to your team!


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