Thursday, January 20, 2011

Boss explanations - Twitter style - 5 mans

Matt over at World of Matticus had a great post the other day about explaining boss fights, especially in a PUG. Even in our raid group, lengthy explanations just cause players eyes to glass over, assuming that they even bother to stay at the keyboard. Our ADD brains can't process it, and many of us learn better by doing. Also, the DPS probably don't care about increased raid damage during a certain phase - but they probably do care about the need to kill an add.

These types of instructions are really valuable when you're bringing one new person on a run, and the rest of the team is chomping at the bit. This is one of the biggest reasons I love our 10m group - everyone learns together. There's nothing worse than learning a fight, and then the next week your have 5 people working on the LK who got the "you have discovered Icecrown" message when they zoned in.

This post is primarially for my buddy Minispherist, who is a casual gamer by choice. He doesn't have a lot of time to play, but he likes to be successful where he can. Feel free to use this list for your own boss fights - just give credit where credit is due.

Note: This is for the heroic encounter, for regular just tune it down a ton.

Blackrock Caverns

Rom'Ogg Bonecrusher - Avoid quake, kill chains then run away, kill adds.
Corla Herald of Twilight - Intercept beams till 70, fall off and repeat, don't get to 100. Interrupt boss.
Karsh Steelbender - Stand on inner ring. Kite boss through flame every 10 sec. High DPS, more stacks = more healing needed.
Beauty - CC Pups. Stay away from Runt. Avoid fire pools - fears.
Ascendant Lord Obsidius - Kite small adds, switch to possessed add. Cleanse.

Throne of the Tides

Lady Naz'jar - Avoid waterspouts and tornados. CC and control adds.
Commander Ulthok - Avoid the shadows. De-enrage. Heal through grab-and-throw.
Erunak Stonespeaker - P1 - avoid spikes, cleanse, interrupt, burn to 50%. P2 - don't DOT the MC, watch your casting, LOS the beams.
Ozumat - P1 - kill adds, avoid shadow. P2 - CC/Control kill adds, avoid shadow. P3 - target thing on wall and DPS hard (DPS race).

Tomorrow - Stonecore and Grim Batol - wrap up with Uldum on its own. Next week I'll try and cover the raid bosses in a by role fashion.

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