Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Picking a boss kill order

With three raid zones of varying length, 8 kills under our belt, and no end bosses downed yet - picking where to start your week can be a challenging decision. Leaving out that everyone wants something different off the bosses, you still have to take into account travel time (unless you pre-seed your warlocks) and trash clearing.

So what's a guy to do?


I still want to call this BRD for some reason. Also, why didn't Nef just fly away when he started losing in BWL? Raid bosses are so dumb. Anyway, BWD offers us the following.
  • More trash drops in total, but fewer mobs to drop them.
  • Five bosses we've killed, though three of those have only been downed once.
  • A summoning stone, more for the PvP hyjinks than any summoning.
  • Low trash to boss ratio.


The trash in this place in insane, it feels like Molten Core or maybe TKE. I suppose that instances in Wrath kind of set the wrong tone for this, but still. After ToC and ICC (even Ulduar to some extent), it just feels like a lot of trash. On the upside, I think we've gotten at least one BoE a week off it, so that's something.

  • Lots of trash to give us BoEs - even if we can't use them, that's a lot of gold for repairs.
  • Two bosses we're fairly comfortable with.
  • Halfus - he's kind of a crapshoot, especially if our MT tries crazy bubble rotations.
  • Did I mention the trash?


I don't know if there's a better acronym for this place, but for now let's call it the temple of suck. The drops are even more random than normal, and it feels like it's out of the way, even though you just hop the portal and fly over. Technically it's cloer than BWD, but with only one boss we're doing right now, it seems far.

  • One boss - hopefully in and out.
  • RNG is fickle - it could be one and done or a wipe-a-thon.
  • Interesting council mechanics, though the wind gusts seem to be random as all get out.
  • Short enrage, so at least it's over quickly.

As far as getting loot in our hands and moving on, I'm sorely tempted to repeat last week and do Twilight first. That's more gear in our hands, which will hopefully make the three 'new' bosses in BWD a little more manageable. While no amount of gear will help you if you wind up getting 100 sound, it does buy a little more time from either a DPS, mana, or stamina position.

Now if we could just get our OT to stop trolling the drama club for his dates, we'd be set.

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