Monday, January 17, 2011

Cho'gall - giving pucker a new level of tight

This week we moved to 9/12 and started working on the first of the three end bosses - Cho'gall. We started with him over say, Al'akir or Nef mostly because we were there already, and I hate switching gears mid wipe work. So it was back to Cho'gall on Sunday, where we spent three hours trying to figure out which end of the room was up, and how to deal with all the chaos.

We started off three healing, but were having problems killing the adds in time (particularly the little blood adds), so switched to two healing. Part of this stems from us not having a mage or lock in the raid, and I really think our spriest is supposed to be using Holy Nova. Right now this is our main hurdle. We got to P2 a few times, but our handling of these baby adds is just cleaning our clocks. That, and our MT is trying to complicate things with odd tank swaps.

My biggest fear when we get to P2 is that we won't have the gas to finish it off. I'm able to enter P2 with about 80% mana, but the damage we're taking is horrendus. My main fear with swapping back to a 3rd healer though is that we won't have the DPS to finish off the adds in time. We could pull one or two of the melee off the boss, but for the little adds that's kind of pointless - and dangerous. Plus that reduces the DPS on the boss, which means it'll take longer to get into P2.

We do have a coupld of crazy ideas to try, like me using RF to pull the adds my way, or changing how we move. Mostly though, I think it's another week of gear and practice - and then we'll be moving on to Al'akir.

Also - I can't wait for the change to Divine Plea to go live. 3% more mana returned in 60% of the time (18% in 9sec instead of 15% in 15sec). Deelish.

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  1. :P My crazy tank swap taunting idea was used for 1 pull. I think its all in the positioning though. Making sure the ranged stay on top of each other, and making sure we are not getting too spread out for the Worship.

    Having people pay attention to the worship CD is really important and will keep people from being to far away from others and staying MC'd for the full duration.


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