Thursday, January 6, 2011

A second look at the logs

So there's really no point in setting goals for performance if you don't go back and check yourself. Last week I checked my logs and was disappointed to see that not only was I lax in my CD use, my overall performance was lower than it could have been. So now, I'm going to look at a repeat of the same fight we did last night. It certainly doesn't work to examine antoher fight side by side, though you can see if your overall play has improveed.

So, here's a link to our Halfus, Double Dragon, and Conclave of wind kill from last night.

First thing I wanted to note was that Sodapopinski was ranked 8th on the Dragon kill for Ret Paladin DPS. Granted this only compares him to others who've uploaded their logs, but it's still cool to see.

Things I changed

As part of the 'scientific process' it's important to note what was changed between attempts. I added a Hyjal helm enchant and fixed my meta. How I missed those two is beyond me. Fail Paladin is fail.

On to the examination

First a quick look at the healing done. First, the kill was 5:48 instead of 6:28, so we cut 40 seconds off our kill time. My personal overall HPS was down some, but as a group our HPS was closer to being even - which means that one person doesn't have to work as hard to keep the raid up.

Mana returns - I managed to get quite a few more judgements off, which resulted in approx 20k more mana returned. I didn't recieve an innervate on the fight, but this may have been because our druid was cranking out a few more heals, and I was having to cast a few less 'emergency' heals.

Cooldowns - Aura Mastery x2, great for helping on the AoE shadow damage. Avenging Wrath x2, I alternated this with AM since we got 2 AoE shadow damage dispells per rotation. I popped Holy Radience each time, and that seemed to work well. I also popped HoSac 2x.

So on the surface, it looks like I made some good overall changes to my play style. I'll have to work to keep these changes permenant, but it is the foundation for good future play. I was excited to see that I used the same thought process on all the bosses we faced, and that my CD usage has gone up. I'll be keeping an eye on the logs, to see if there's any noticble changes that I need to correct.

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