Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finding the 10th

So last night I logged onto this gem of conversation.

Tobias> Hey man - we need a 10th.
Me> Can't, GF is cooking dinner. Just doing my daily transmute.
Tobias> No, a 10th for tomorrow. Check the guild roster.

So our newly aquired Ret/Prot/Healadin decided that pure 10 man content wasn't for him, and we lost him to the top 25 man guild on the server. Fair enough I suppose. Even though right now we're sitting at 3rd in the US for progression (9th in the world) for 10 man pure guilds. Eh - what can you do.

Now we're pugging a lock we tried a week ago (seems good), but he's a member of the #2 25 man guild on the server. We have to be really careful about folks running 25 man content, as it can kick us out of the pure 10 man ratings. Which lets face it - is pretty important to our epeens.

Ahh - recruiting. What a pain in the arse. Fortunately we can be extremely selective about who we pick up. We have a few more weeks until the AC Heroics are out, although we still need to get Algalon down as quickly as possible. With any luck this lock will work out as someone who will raid with us full time - but only time will tell.

This is of course the drawback to having such a small guild. We have zero bench to draw from. The upside is that nobody sits, there's no drama about who's not raiding this week, and it's a small enough group of people that a phone call can resolve any scheduling conflicts.

Oh yeah - and achievements being recorded in GMT FTL. We totally got the Jormungers on the 4th...

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