Thursday, August 27, 2009

Push it real good...

By now everyone and their brother who's running ToC has discovered that the Twins are horribly under-tuned (to be hotfixed for next week - maybe already done). We waltzed in having seen nothing but a crazy German video (coupled with horrible techno) and not only one-shot it, but got the 3 minute kill as well. It makes me cry.

On another sad note, we lost the race to the server first 10 man Algalon kill. We finally had a couple transitions where we were all living through the first big bang, and things are at least looking a little better. Situational awareness is still a problem (for everyone), so that's something we're all working on.

As a side note - I hate respeccing on the fly. I always screw something up. I went holy for the champions fight in ToC, and since I was trying to squeeze in the PvP talents, I missed some key PvE ones...I truly hate that fight.

I don't mind the randomness, or that it's challenging - but it's so unlike any PvE fight...and we're not a PvP guild. Right now this is the only fight that is giving me pause when I think about Heroic mode.


  1. the pvp encounter in ToC is one of the few ones i enjoy. everything needs to be like 10 times harder. the mechanics are decent but bosses need to hit harder, have more health, harder aoe dmg, better shields... everything needs tuned way way up. if the ToC hardmodes aren't more difficult than the ulduar ones and icecrown is a lot of the same, then this holy pally is quitting. blizz can cater to the casusals... i'll go play a real game.

    as far as algalon goes (side rant: which is in itself and incredibly simple encounter made difficult ONLY by the fact that you can do the fight 1 hr a week- most guilds kill it the on the 3rd reset- ie 3 hrs spent on the boss) i'm sure you'll get it soon. just takes a little bit of playing under control and a little bit of paying attention and he dies pretty easy. best of luck to you guys!

    oh... and wtb a detailed discussion about pally regen vs throughput. i'll even write it if you want! =D lots of good debate going on in regards to that.

  2. I have a week off coming up - that'll be when I can really play with the healing builds and math.

  3. Having everyone online for Algalon helped a bit with the progress as well... hopefully we can get everyone again next week and get him down.

  4. that's what she said... (aimed at title of this post).

    *bored at work*

    oooooh, also what times do you guys raid?

  5. We raid 6:30-9:30, T/Th/F - at least that's our scheduled progression raid nights.

    And we're horde now. Guess I need to change my picture...


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