Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some thoughts on ToC

First - I want to voice my irritation at Blizzard for recording our achievments in GMT instead of server time. I suppose you have to use some kind of fixed standard, but still. Grr. This has cost us twice now, as we've picked up new 10 man achievements on both nights of new content.

Quick overview. Lord Jarraxus is a pushover. Nobody read strats, watched videos, or did anything beyond a basic ability lookup. We knew there were adds, fire, and something that had to do with infernals. There was some kind of volcano spewing fire, and I kited the boss around a touch to avoid fire. Without even trying we two shot it, and got the 360 pain spike achievement as well.

Add in the Upper Back Pain achievement, and we're now sitting at 5th/3rd in World/US strict 10 man achievements - and this is while we're still pugging a 10th while we search for that perfect replacement.

Content for everyone?

I really think Blizzard hit the nail right on the head with ToC content being so easy, though the achievements are kind of a joke. This content should be easily puggable, and available to anyone who has an average level of raid skills. This keeps the casual and non-hard core player happy because they get to see the content and experience the end game, while leaving the heroic modes for the truly dedicated.

Is it a lazy design? Maybe. I don't know how many guilds will push the heroic part of the content, and I'm sure that there will be complaints that player "Istandinfire" (or the pug who ate 50% of the Cosmic Smashes on Algalon) can't get the best loot - but at least they can do the content while it's current.

I also like the ability to farm easy modes without screwing myself out of heroic mode loot. This is a problem with Ulduar - especially if you're farming achievements.

Overall - I like ToC. I haven't tried the new dalies though. Even if I do get a pony...ugh.

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  1. The NO DICE strategy will ALWAYS work.


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