Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ToC Champions Strat

So I realized that I hadn't actually put any of our strats down on paper - and that's partially because they change from week to week. Mostly though it's because ToC has been lol-faceroll, and I haven't bothered.

Champions - aka PvP like you mean it

Our first encounter with the champions included a spriest, tree druid, holy paladin, DK, Enhance shaman, and hunter with cat pet.

We had two Retadins (I went ret for the DPS), two boomkins, a mage, a heal priest (spec unknown, he's always changing), a tree, two rogues, and a DK (welcome new guy!).

***Try One***

After the initial LOL-wipe that I think everyone experienced (honestly, appearing on our heads?!?!), we tried CCing the spriest and paladin, and killing the druid. This ended badly.

***Try Two***

We tried CCing (chain CCs with swapping Cyclone and Sheep for DRs) everything but the tree. The CC was immediately broken by Consecrate and Divine Storm - and this wipe also ended poorly.

***Try Three***

Sap on spreist and healadin, cyclone on the tree and the hunter, sheep on the shaman. All CC was one 12 sec burst only, with everyone focusing on DPS and CCing at will. The key to this pull was focusing the DK down first, then killing the tree. Two rogues spamming FoK with wound poison and mind numbing poison (FoK interrupt spec as well) helped a ton. This will go away soon, so enjoy it while you can (the interrupts).

Once the DK was dead, the tree died, and we burned the paladin until he BoP'd (not a full bubble) and was killed by the casters. After that it was cake through the DPSers and we finished with everyone standing.

Not quite sure how we're going to do them all within 60 seconds of each other....maybe with heroism or something.

I honestly have no clue as to how we actually won, as I was too busy Divine Storming for greatness to see the whole fight. The DK Death Grip pull was a key part though - and I'm glad we had New Guy there to handle it.

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