Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nerf Champions

ToC brought out the Champions fight last night, and I'm calling for nerfs. We wiped twice AND didn't get the achievement. What a crock. Fortunately we one shot the other two bosses and then picked up two achievements out of Ulduar (another server first - Can't Do That While Stunned). We got some nice drops, and we're slowly accumulating badges.

I really like the new gear method too. Get enough badges and/or tokens, and you can get yourself some pretty sick gear. Even with badges being handed out from the Heroic Daily, it takes a bit of time to accumulate a set if you're not running 25s, and it will make finding the 'good' players go beyond just looking at gear.

OK - so gear isn't always what makes a player good, there's more to it than that to be sure. Achievements help establish a baseline, but there's nothing like trying someone out in a raid to test them.

Our 10th

We finally picked up what I hope will be our permanent 10th player this week - though if our shaman keeps up the antics we may be looking for a new one of those as well. Great guy, great player - but he's had some spotty attendance these last few weeks (had some RL issuses to be sure) and has pretty much used up all his get out of jail free cards.

Our new DK seems to be pretty good. Great attitude, knowledgeable about his class, willing to do some retarded spec if we let's just hope he shows up :) Honestly though, I think he's off to the right start with us. Changed specs when asked, did good DPS given his gear level, and most importantly - didn't die to dumb stuff. He even rolled with the punches as we threw him face first into hardmodes and fights he'd never seen.

Also, and this was huge - we learned something important. Range plays no part in the agro table of Prince Vampire-boy in OK. DK had gone afk back near the stairs after the first boss, and we were pulling Vampire-boy. During one blood sucking move he ported all the way to the DK, and killed him while we watched (and laughed). To his credit when he came back from the AFK he didn't bitch or cry - he just ran back to us and kept on going.

That's points.

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