Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One point at a time

So now that we're in this state of flux with still looking for our 10th member - last night was kind of a wash. We had another week of no Algalon attempts (seriously - wtb all 10 members on at once) due to some issues with our shaman. So instead, we spent the night trying out a new potential member.

While the content was really simple (9 man Naxx), we were able to do a couple things. First, we watched him chain pull. Second, we got Undying and Shocking for those that didn't have it (Followed by A Poke in the Eye), and now have a few members just one achievement away from Glory of the Raider. Old content? You bet. But it moves us one step closer to breaking into the top 3 world wide for strict 10 man achievements.

Tonight we'll try for "Upper Back Pain" plus anything we might get off the second boss in ToC. Then it's off to Ulduar where we're going for Open Arms, Who needs Bloodlust, and one of the Freya achievements.

Here's my question though.

How in the world are we supposed to do "Coming Out of the Walls"? I've been looking it over, and I'm just not seeing how to kill nine of those buggers at once. The healers are going to have to be amazing for all those shadow volleys, and we don't have a ton of AoE to begin with. I'm thinking paladin tank, with guardian spirit on them, plus one paladin with a bubble sac, and the other with a hand of sac. Paladin tank bubble walls at the last second...I suppose it could work. We managed to get the Yogg speed kill last week, sans our shaman - so that was pretty nice.

All in all things are progressing fairly smoothly. I still want Algalon dead, but we need a steady 10 before we go in there again.


  1. rogues with imp throwing spec can Aoe interrupt the volleys with FoK. least thats what i've seen used in videos of people after the achievement.

  2. ^ what he said. just make sure you keep a really good eye on each of their health bars.

  3. Yeah - our resident rogue was using this on our "Can't do that while stunned" attempts last night.


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