Monday, July 6, 2009

Destroying PvP

I'm not a huge fan of solo PvP when I'm holy - except maybe AV. It seems like nobody knows the art of a peel, and I'm always the last person at a flag because I have to drink. Really? You're going to leave the Holy Paladin alone at the flag? What am I going to do, bore them to death when they get here? At least when I'm ret I can go charging off with the rest of them - nary a care about defense.

This all changed last weekend.

Behold the pre-made - PvE group in PvP. About seven or eight of us formed up for some premade AB/WSG, and holy hell was it fun. Part of it I'm sure was that it was a group of core guys I've raided with for years. The other part was that in their 232 gear, they were destroying anything that wasn't in full PvP gear - and those guys just lasted a second longer.

Of course in PvE gear my own team was a bunch of glass cannons, but with some dedicated healing, we tore up the BGs. I'm fairly certain I made more than one rogue cry when I dropped a HoP on a moonkin, or a clutch HS/FoL crit combo on someone.

Of course the best times of the night were parachuting off the mill to the smith, or down to the mine. My old PvP healer has gone Ret, but the two of us floating in caused more than one laugh. It also saved/stole more than one flag.

Tonight - Algalon and One Light.....TBC

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