Monday, July 13, 2009

Now in 3D

What a big week. First we got our Rust-Colored proto drakes, then we traipsed into OS and kicked over Sarth's egg box with all three drakes up.

We'd tried this a few times, but kept running into issues with whelps. We decided to go with a 3 tank, 2 heal, 5 DPS rotation this time - and just outlast the encounter. We had a few failed attempts where I tried holding whelps in PvP gear with my 51/20 healing spec. When that wasn't working out well, I went to tank gear in the same build. That worked better - except for one small problem.

No manas for my spells.

With the removal of Spirtual Attunement for all Paladins, and no Divine Plea talent - I was OOM in about 2 minutes of casting my judgements and consecrate. I also had no Cpt. America shield, and no HoR. Overall it was an improvement though, and so I heading out and respecc'd to a full prot build (though since I did it on the fly it's got a lot of wasted points).

One of our DPS fell asleep at the keybaord while I was respeccing and getting some gems and glyphs ready. Fortunately we had a hard hitting retadin available, and he knew the fight from having done 3D in 25s. Quick swap, and we were on our way. Two wipes later, and we had a lovely new title. Since we're the only guild with Champions of Ulduar though, I'm going to keep that one for a while.

It's amazing how you can beat your head against an instance or encounter for a while, and then suddenly it all comes together and you wonder why you ever had issue with it. It was nice to tank a little again - glad all that gear I've collected finally got some use.

Shard count - 18.

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