Friday, July 31, 2009

Inside jokes

When you run with the same group of people long enough, you develop a lot of inside jokes that occasionally befuddle you compatriots. When you add a new guild member to the list, it's even worse. Now add in two server transfers and a handful of name changes - and you've got a recipe for disaster.

Here's a few of my favorite quotes and lines. I'm not going to explain them all - that'd take too long - but at least folks'll get the idea.

BOF BOF BOF! This probably gives Tobias hives. He certainly throws it in my face enough. Just to be silly, I HOF him every time I can now.

Anything from Old Greg. Damn but that episode was dumb. These quotes pop up pretty regularly in our raids.

Angry Mario. Somewhere along the line Toby found this YouToube vidoe of what has to be someone from New York playing Super Mario - but on a really hard level. Invisible block technology?

DIE OF AIDS RAGE!! Oh Fyrre - where are you now. I wonder if he ever learned the hunter jump shot. At least he finally got his Petrified Leaf.

"You just got Warmastered" "Scutter needs fort" Hell, anything from No Dice. Specifically Warmaster was a gnome warrior, and was the son of Scutter (also a warrior). Scutter was famous for trying to DPS tank in leather gear, and getting blown up by adds. Warmaster became famous for getting one shot on pulls. "You just got Warmastered" is analogous to getting Rickrolled.

Epic gquits. Previously I posted what was then the greatest gquit of all times, and probably still is since the other speeches were never used. Hats off to Toby for those.

Hate babies. Disturbed, we're gonna miss you. Mmmm - 5lbs of bacon...

Talo. You're a Tiny Dancer. Of animal fat. Tallow. Kek.


Weakened Soul is actually the Algalon pull timer....


  1. <3 only you guys can call me rendered animal fat ( used for making candles) with so much love behind the words. - makes me all cuddly inside that i knew all those

  2. were you around for the fyrre "Butt Plug-O-oneshotting" ?

  3. i still hold onto that coconut bra for special occasions

  4. Running a guild is never an easy thing. Even human beings behind keyboards are human beings. When I imploded and brought about the end of Forgotten Fury as it was, there were quite a few variables. I fell out of love with the job of being a GM and an officer corps full of children (Enraged anybody?) was harder on me than it should have been.

    But I have news for you or anyone who reads this: I'm not sorry. At the end of the day WoW is just pixels on a screen. Forgotten Fury was a toxic environment of childishness and silliness, but it was just a game. Oh where am I now? I am in a happy place way away from the constrictions of a subscription based MMO, still IRL successful, and wish nothing but the best for my old guildmates whatever it is you are doing these days.



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