Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Light Left On

I feel bad for Thorim - I really do. His own brother set him up, killed his wife, and then captured him (and his mount) for relocation into Ulduar. After being freed he then ends up crushing Immortal Guardians while scores of raiders tackle Yogg-Saron.

Of course I also love him.

Time after time his hammer crashed down on the Guardians, and after a few wipes - we finally were awarded One Light in the Darkness. I can't even imagine No Lights...what a cluster that has to be. Zerg the boss, heroism, tank CDs after 3 guardinas, all DPS on the boss, and rotating Hand of Sacrifice and Pain Suppression? I don't know.

Fortunately we have Algalon to occupy is as well. We're also just one achievement away from our Rusted Proto-Drakes. Well, technically I'm two away (missed a raid and the Orbituary achievement), so Thursday will be a fun night of wipes on Razerscale as we coax her into frying a bunch of her dwarves.

So with a slew of server firsts under our belts (yes, I know - weeks behind other servers) I noticed today that there is one server first we missed - Sarth 3D 10 man. It seems while we were busy with Ulduar After Dark (our closest competitor in 10 mans) slipped in and nabbed this one. Hats off to them, we certainly had our shots at it. We're going to have to knuckle down for Algalon though - I don't want anyone swooping in behind us and nabbing that server first.

Now if I can just get some hard modes from our 25 man runs....

Current fragment count - 17.


  1. gratz on the kill and gl on algalon this week... he's pretty rough ='(

  2. Thanks man. Algalon is challenging to be sure - but thoroughly enjoyable.


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