Thursday, July 30, 2009

A week in review

It's been a week now since the dilution of Sinners and Saints, and after squeezing in three lockouts into two weeks (go go server transfers), I have a few days off from raiding to just sit back and relax. Of course I won't do that (too much), there's still a lot of things to get done before 3.2. I am going to take a moment to reflect on a few things I'm not going to be doing.

1) No more "State of the guild" evaluations. Towards the end it was getting painful to look at our list of raiders, and then realize that the core you depended on wasn't there any more.

2) Glee Glee no more DKP! We implemented a DKP system to try and right the ship - it failed. Back to the old ways of /rolling for loot.

3) No more, Mr. Nice Guy...with a guild of 10 like minded folks, there's nobody to coddle. It was refreshing to hear "Yeah - I messed up on that" the other night. Even if it was a wipe, at least people were taking personal responsibility.

4) No more grinding. Unless I decide I want a mammoth or something for an alt (I hate slow flyers), my days of grinding flasks/food/repairs are over. Our 10 man sells our BoEs and such for cash. It's honestly cheaper to pay someone the 100g for crafting an item - because we're getting 14k for the pattern on the AH.

5) No more recruiting. 10 players, 10 slots. Everyone knows they can be replaced, and everyone knows that if they miss a night we'll PUG instead.

Now to get everyone ready and keep pushing Algalon. We'll be riding high if we can get that guy down.


  1. you're so full of yourself, and shit it's not even funny

  2. Clearly you have a diehard fan. Someone who worships you and everything you stand for. I wish I was so lucky! :(

  3. Don't be jealous Rage - and neither should you Anonymous. I am kind of hurt that you didn't comment on my Q&A page though.

  4. I've enjoyed reading this blog since it was linked to back on the guild forums, both for reading about how you see WoW and making sure I wasn't being mentioned as a source of particular aggravation. Most of what you've posted is relatively straightforward, but this post confuses me a bit. Simply put, the advantages your current guild set-up has are the same advantages that virtually any smaller guild would have, especially running 10 mans versus 25 mans.

    This being the case, I guess I'm kind of curious as to why the decision was made to form Sinners and Saints as a 25 man guild at all.

  5. lol everyone knew they could be replaced in Sinners and Saints wasn't that the same attitude that brought about that failure, keep clearing that same old 10 man content, obviously you guys were way outta our league

  6. Compared to clearing new and challenging 10 man content that hasn't been released yet? Idiot.

    People being replaced in S&S didn't have anything to do with the end of the guild, not have competant players to replace bad players with however had a very large part to do with it.

    I realize you are butt hurt, I get it, but seriously go have a couple beers, choke a kitten and get over it. It wasn't you, it was me. I just didn't think that at this time I could dedicate the extra love and attention to you that you would need to become a competant Warcraft player. Having 15-20 solid players and a mouth full of people you are worried if they will get distracted and eat their mouse pad mid raid just wasn't getting the job done.

    Let me guess, your breath smells of rubber and a "Hello Kitty" screen print.

    On a side note, you know what I don't miss? Not being able to do "Heroic: So you think this cache was rare" because people were too stupid to move, use the buffs, use speed potions, hold threat, not pull threat, etc.

    On to Thorim!

    p.s. ffs grow enough of a sack that you can post your random characters name on the freakin internet. If not, at least go to a Holocaust Memorial forum and post anonymously. If you are gonna be a chickenshit, go full out.

    @Ancalime: Adgamorix had no part in the actual creation of S&S nor did he have any say in making it a 25 man guild. I'll PM you a reply to your question on the forums after I get back from vacation, cheers.

  7. "at least go to a Holocaust Memorial forum and post anonymously." you've got issues

  8. "People being replaced in S&S didn't have anything to do with the end of the guild, not have competant players to replace bad players with however had a very large part to do with it."

    I've seen people contardict themselves in books, even in paragraphs, but it's a real treat when they do it in the same sentence.

  9. I'm fairly certain that what Disturbed meant was that replacing people who weren't cutting the mustard wasn't what led to the downfall - it was the fact that there wasn't an applicant pool with the right skills and talent to replace them with.

    We had to continually take players who couldn't CC quickly, who didn't grasp the concept of "Don't kill the lashers right after a ground tremor" and who thought that the lightning on Thorim provided some kind of buff.

    The reason we had to take those players, was that the applicants we were getting either couldn't fill out an application properly - missing screenshots, missing WWS reports, etc (even after clear directions had been posted) - or even worse just said "You mean I have to start this whole thing over again just to add a screenshot? Yeah right LOL". How can you expect someone who can't follow simple application instructions to follow directions in a raid?

    S-a-S was an experiment that failed. I'll write a final post on that today, and then close the book on that chapter.

    @Disturbed - hate babies <3

  10. lol @ guild drama. god i love it. from the outside looking in it sounds like the real problem was you were a 10 man guild that tried to do 25 man with bads. if you can't get recruitment rolling it's gonna be a lot of /wrists till eventually things spiral out of control.

    at this point in WotLK, any real 25-man raiding progression guild should have 3 10-man raid groups working on alganon. if you're carrying ppl imo cut lose and just do 10 man (like you did). i'm still sad you live in alaska! freya 3 is almost died like 8 times last time!!! =(

  11. Yeah - Guild drama always sucks. One more post to clear the air - and then no more on this. I'm hoping 3.2 is out next week - and I'll have many things to write about then.

    New bosses - new gear - new talents...

  12. Drunk Posting, never a good idea. Take it from your uncle Disturbed.


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