Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What kind of guild are you?

Everywhere you look in WoW news there is always the word about the casual player, the social player, raiders (we ain't got no life!), etc. How do you define yourself? What kind of guild do you run in? Can you live with something less?

Definitions - my way

My blog, my definitions. If you don't like them, Hello Kitty is that way >>>>>

Casual Guilds

This is your typical guild. There's a little bit of everyone here. Maybe it's the guy who runs some five mans, maybe just logs on every couple of days to do some dailies. Even if they do raid some, it's probably not the guy who theorycrafts and min/maxes all his gear. Usually great for getting PuGs, many of Gevlon's M&S fall into these guilds. Not necessarily 'bad' players, just not cutting edge folks. Great for having a beer with though.

Raid Guilds

The hard core that aren't at the forefront. They raid, and they want to be serious, but they care about the social aspects as well. Do I like my guild-mates. Do I like to just hang out with them and talk. Unfortunately for the progression folks trapped here, there are usually a handful of casuals and M&S who prevent any real progression (Forgotten Fury, I'm looking at you).

Raid guilds will have spouses of the tank in their ranks, even though she sucks, simply because they don't have another MT. The 5k DPS mage has a little brother who heals with Holy Nova - but nobody leads like he does so they adapt.

Progression Guilds

These guys are going for the gold every week - regardless of how many hours they raid. Ensidia and Vodka are obviously the pinnacle of Progression Guilds, but any guild that is pushing the envelope for server firsts and harder content generally falls into this catagory. The raid force may not be the tightest group of friends, but damn it if they aren't effective.

These guilds will often take members who they don't necessarily like, simply because they are good at what they do. The social aspect isn't as important to them as getting to the end-content is - and this is what most raid guilds strive for, or think they are. Unfortunately many progression guilds are just raid guilds with big egos.

So what is S-a-S?

I think S-a-S falls in between progression and raiding. We're pushing the server firsts, but we're not nearly as tough as we could be. We don't replace the druid who'd rather eat a land mine than learn how to avoid them, or the warlock who eats every lightning bolt on Thorim. We still cave to the 'but he's a nice guy' move - even if they aren't the best at their role.

We're coming along though, and hopefully our progression will continue into 3.2 - even if I do have half the guild on /ignore and muted during non-raid times.


  1. LMAO. "even if i do have half the guild on /ignore and muted during non-raid times." definitely sounds like a progression guild to me. this one warlock and my guild and i don't get along and i have to ask someone to tell him to summon me b/c he has me ignored and muted.
    i think i'd put my guild in the progression category, even though we are carrying some ppl (i can't stand ppl who waste our time... if you suck, there's the door). regardless, we should have 25 mimi hardmode tonight and then it's just freya to go. altogether we have a pretty tight core of 15-20 ppl. however, when our gm goes into "progression mode" vent gets pretty brutal. definitely wouldn't put up with it if he wasn't chill in our 10 mans and if we weren't as progressed as we are.

    oh... and vodka has basically fallen apart. a lot their core members have gone to exodus who is probably the best US guild atm. a guy i work with was in vodka for about 4 months but just left a week ago b/c he saw the writing on the wall.

    anyhow... great post!

  2. mimi down! and i got my mace! /cheer


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