Thursday, July 2, 2009

On Hygiene

This post is definately non-WoW related, but since I don't have a personal blog - and I have to share this story - you get to enjoy it.

I work in a fairly standard office building, filled with engineering and oil-field professionals, as well as a native corporation. Each of the five floors has one set of restrooms, with the mens room having two urinals, a regular stall, and a handicapped sized stall.

Restrooms on the first floor are accessible to the public - and we get more than a few intoxicated folks coming in to see the Native corporation - so I could maybe excuse this behavior if I was there. Our floors however are closed to the public, so in theory anyone you see is either an employee or a client of ours.

Hence my problem.

This morning as I prepared to contemplate the meaning of life, I noticed that the other stall was occupied in the mens room on my floor. Now I'm not a shy pooper, so I proceeded to use the remaining stall (not the handicapped one) and go about my day. During this time I saw my stall-neighbor's shoe, and played the "who's shoe is that game". Oh - if only I hadn't.

As my neighbor finished up, I expected to hear the distict sounds of water running and soap dispensing. You know - basic hygiene. Instead, I hear the bathroom door open, and then close.

Then silence.

That's right. A non-washer. What. The. Fuck. Did I suddenly get transported back to the middle ages where basic sanitation was a mystery? Now too, I can't just use the door, I have to paper towel it open.

I spent the rest of the day looking at shoes.../shudder

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  1. It's crazy! It is apparently actually common still for people to skip washing their hands, and it disgusts me.

    "Wirthlin Worldwide conducted a survey in 2003 to see what people did in airport bathrooms. The result? About 1/4 of the men and 1/6 of the women leave a bathroom without washing their hands."


    Seriously? Seriously?!? The worst excuse I've heard, yet the most common are, "I don't get sick" and "I don't want to coddle my immune system." That's great for you, but while you're at it then, don't touch anything near any of us because we might not have that luxury.

    Not washing your hands isn't a personal choice. You end up spreading germs all over the common areas, such as doorknobs, and don't even try to shake my hand.


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