Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too busy being delicious

Right now there's the usual hate/flame going on at our old realm forums, where everyone is bashing the old guild/leadership/etc. for doing what they did. At the end of the day though, there's only a select few of us that know what actually happened - and we're not telling.

It'd be easy to get on the realm forums, especially under the mask of an anonymous alt, and just bash players for their lack of skills. Personally though, I'd rather just let the trolls die out from lack of food and nerd-rage. Eventually something else will come along, and they'll rant and rave against that.

To quote one of my favorite forum trolls of all time:

"I'd respond, but I'm much too busy being delicious"
Reportmyname - Malygos


  1. gonna feel so lonely when i log in next week, what will i ever do w/o you all

    its talo btw, love your blog tarde

  2. there we go account working now

  3. lol. love the quote!

  4. Yeah - that guy was a great troll. He could whip up the nerdrage like nobody's business.


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