Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random musings - 3.2 and otherwise

First - I think we're looking at 2 more weeks until Patch 3.2 hit's the servers. I base this on a couple of unrelated events, which when taken together, point towards a larger picture.

1) The final bosses are hitting the PTR tonight.
2) Blizzcon is in four weeks - IMO they either want to get it out 2 weeks early, or wait until the week after Blizzcon.
3) Some small last minute tweaks are coming in, and GC will want to address them at Blizzcon.
4) I have a nose for trouble, and this smells like trouble.

I could be off, but I'd be surprised if they wait until Blizzcon to release 3.2. I know Blizzard stands by the "we'll release when it's ready" position, but I'd bet on this.

New races

By all that's holy, please don't put Goblins in the game. I hate gnomes. I especially hate gnome tanks. Goblins would be just as bad. I really hate their animations...ugh. Worgen would be pretty cool I suppose, but you'd have a host of people swarming to reroll worgen on Alliance. I certainly don't think that they will be neutral or have the ability to choose Alliance/Horde at will (or via quests). PvP would be hell if you can't recognize the enemy until they are close enough to see their health bar.

Jazz hands are still a dream of mine though - need to keep running H MGT so I can have them for a few minutes at a time until the Horde/Alliance switch opens up. I'm still torn between male/female though. It's a shame you can't run through all the animations at lvl 1.

Here's hoping for an incredible fragment drop rate tonight.

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  1. I like the idea of neutral races or races that can choose, but I do agree that their animations suck.

    And the point about pvp is valid and dead on. I hadn't thought about that aspect of it yet. it would certainly suck to be running up to who you thought were allies only to find out that the spell they were casting on you wasn't a heal after all.


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