Monday, March 8, 2010

25 Fragments is worse

Back when we were running Ulduar regularly, I started collecting the fragments for the legendary mace. I managed to gather twenty or so before we left our server and headed for 10-man raiding land. While on Bladefist I picked up a few more, and this weekend I nabbed a 25th fragment.

I'll be honest, I think it's worse getting a new one, even now.

I don't care that the mace isn't OP (or that some say it never was good at all), I still want it. Bladefist isn't a big enough server where I can find guilds that are running Ulduar for kicks, though I'm going to try pimping myself out on the forums or something. Maybe I can get lucky.

Of course if I do manage to land 30 fragments, I still have to find a way to net a 3-Light kill - which is still no small feat. If I get to that point, I'll definately start hitting up the blogsphere, offering money, hosting services, or whatever else I can - just to close the book on this thing.

Besides, who could resist an amazing looking item like that?

***Edited for accuracy***


  1. Actually, it's a 3-Light kill. 1-Light in the Darkness indicates a single Keeper being active (usually Thorim). You only need to drop a single Keeper in order to forge the mace, so you'd have three of them active (usually Hodir or Freya are dropped). Dropping the one keeper will cause Yogg to do his Deafening Roar or whatever ability, which is when you toss the mace in. :)

    I have 3 fragments and I know I'll never get my mace. :/

  2. Well, it might be OP, but it's better than Trauma...? :D

  3. Yeah - the available upgrades from ICC aren't all that exciting.

  4. Well for helping me out, if you ever need hwlp let me know. I haven't done a whole lot in Ulduar but would love to help you out if you need it. Just whisper me in game if you find yourself short for a raid and if I can I will jump on it.

  5. Should post on the maintankadin boards. I'm sure someone will step up :)


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