Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heroic kills, Drake chase, and a missing buff

First, Bladfist-US somehow missed the memo that it was time to make our numbers bigger - and instead of raiding with a 10% buff, we still had the 5%. Rumor has it that the 10% was active, until our sever was reset to fix an issue with the AH and WG. No official response from Blizzard, and it doesn't really matter, but it was noticed that we didn't have it.

We killed her anyway

Even with the 5% buff, we're now 9/12H in ICC, after one shotting the Blood Queen last night. The fight didn't feel any more difficult than on normal. Blood Princes were actually more difficult. Heck, we had more issues trying to get the Full House achievement. Speaking of that, it seems that we had an Adherant or something change at the 5% mark - so we wound up killing her without getting the achievement. There may have been some cussing on vent.

Heroic Festergut is the same fight, with just a little shuffling to avoid the green slimes. It took me a few shots to recognize the warning splash on the ground, but once we had it figured out the fight was very straight forward. We had to use a few more cooldowns on the tanks, and use them a little earlier, but overall it's not very different.

Heroic Rotface is again, the same fight with just some foot shuffling. We did it exactly the same way we did him on normal mode.

Note - every Heroic fight I've done, I've done in full HL gear and 51/20/0.

Thursday is heroic Sin, and Putricide if we can figure out how to deal with the plague debuff.

***Edit, because I fail at naming bosses correctly***

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