Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ICC Buff/Nerf - It's Optional

The 5% Nerf/Buff went live today for ICC. Basically you receive 5% more HP, Healing Done, and Damage done. This will be a great boost for those guilds that are 'almost there', and will hopefully let everyone see more content.

For those that want to beat the content without the nerf (This is for Bob Turkey)....


That's right, you can talk to your respective faction mate, and you can turn off the buff. It also isn't in place for hard modes.

So to those crying about it being nerfed too soon, turn it off and quit your crying.

To those that PUG ICC - your life just got a little bit easier.


  1. A part of me is sad because I'd prefer to do without, but I know that's a rough sell to my guild since we still haven't killed the Lich King, so we'll likely be using it.

    I'm glad it's not in place for hard modes though. :D

  2. Ummmmm... It is in place for hard modes. Paragon used it for their world first Heroic LK 10 kill.

  3. @TRM - Really? I could have sworn that Blizzard said it wouldn't be.

    Well in that case - I still stand behind the notion that it's optional, and I think it's a good thing. It should help people 'over gear' the instance, without having to come back at lvl 80 to clear lvl 70 content (I still never got to do Sunwell /sob).

    I am surprised that it's on for Heroic though. I wonder if Invincible will drop if you use the buff?

  4. The problem is that raids are split over the question of whether to use it or not. No matter which way the choice goes, some people are now profoundly unhappy.

  5. I can see where folks would want to do it without the buff - or only use the buff on certain bosses. Personally I'm taking that buff and running all the way to the loot pinata's with it.

    Our goal is to 10m the 25m content when we have the 30% buff.

  6. Oh my god we have easier content than it already is. Q fucking Q babies.


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