Friday, March 26, 2010

OT - Late to the party - 40K style

I am generally not late to anything. Raids? Early. Dinner with my friends? They have to tell me the REAL time they want me to show up, because it seems "Dinner at 7" really means "Start drinking at 8".

However when it comes to 40K, I'm so late the place is probably closing soon.

I've actually seen this quite a bit, especially with some great blogs. I stumble across them, discover how amazing they are, and then three days later they quit blogging and disappear forever. I'm then stuck reading their archives (providing they don't delete their blog entirely), and wishing I'd shown up a few months sooner.

So it is with 40k.

How it started

I blame this all on the Wombcrusher. About six or eight months ago, W-Crusher made a book recommendation - Dark Apostle. Trust him to get me hooked with a Chaos themed book. The story had everything I could want - death, destruction, absolute horror - and it didn't even end on an up note. I'd grown tired of books that always managed to end on the side of good by some miraculous note. Dark Apostle didn't even try.

From there I started the Space Wolf Omnibus I and II. The stories have just gotten better and better.

I'm now on the Horus Heresy, learning about the fall of Horus and the Space Marines. Each story is just building on the last, a runaway train of death and destruction.

Taste of the forbidden fruit

So now I'm hooked, and I realize I'm eons behind. Trying to keep the chapters straight, Primarchs, who's Chaos and who's not - it's a lot of information. The world is amazing, and the stories and lore are absolutely fantastic. With all the games, support sites, and canon lore available, it's kind of like drinking from a fire hose. Fortunately, I've got my own backup feeding me little nuggets of info.

Time to learn about Ultramarines.



  2. Welcome to the embrace of Chaos foolish Human.


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