Monday, March 15, 2010

SAN, Druid leveling, and why I fail at blogging

So I joined the Single Abstract Noun community on AD this weekend, and it was a pretty decent time. I chatted some, saw some names I know, and generally just enjoyed tooling around on a lowbie Paladin. I didn't have my BoA gear, a mountain of cash, or any of the other things I have when starting a new alt on my server. I even elected to run completely add-on free, just to try out the new starting zone tips and quest guide stuff (they're pretty awesome by the way). The game has really come a long way in making it easier for new players to get involved.

Playing on AD was very relaxing, but it didn't last long. I enjoyed the banter and the chatting going on in guild chat, and the relaxed atmosphere was a little different, but there was definitely something missing. The problem, I think, is that I'm definitely end game goal oriented. All of my alts on Bladefist were created to support my raiding Paladin. My DK is prot to farm Frost Badges for primordial saronite, and has leatherworking to create the leg kits our raiders need. My mage is a tailor to create the caster leg kits, and an enchanter to create scrolls. My shaman is a scribe, etc.

Without a doubt, I'm happiest when I'm successfully raiding. All the times in the past when I've quit playing were due to a lack of serious raiding, and this still hasn't changed. Even my druid alt is going to be a resto/feral combination - to help me understand the other healers and tanks better - hopefully making me a better end game raider.

I suppose that's why these last two weeks have been the lowest point in Wrath for me - we haven't had a good raid night in a while. Hopefully that will all change now that everyone (should) be settled down again.

Blogger Failure

I consistently forget to take screenshots of exciting stuff in game, especially things like Recount and my chat window. Why is this a fail? Because if I'd remembered, I'd be able to post a recount from a PUG 25-ICC on Friday that showed Shamburger (our resto shaman) and myself doing 40% of the effective healing on Marrowgar - when there were 7 healers in the raid. I also finished the fight with only 24% overhealing - while judging light. It would also show Reaganomics doing almost 14% of the raid DPS. Ouch.

Now I know healing meters don't mean jack as to who the best healer is, but when there's three Holy Paladins and the difference between them is over 10% - then someone's not doing their job right.

I suppose the big reason for the lack of images is that for me, blogging is something I do when WoW isn't available. I don't think about my blog when I'm at my computer playing. Hell, I'm part of a sponsored racing team, and I keep forgetting to blog there (and those guys actually "pay" me with schwag). I usually come up with my blog posts while I'm sitting at work compiling code or rebuilding a database server.

Hard Modes - Again

Despite not having everyone 'attuned' to heroic ICC-10, I think this week we're going to just start plowing into them head first. As long as the two we have who aren't attuned don't die in the far corner of Marrowgar's room, and don't release, we can just rez them back and try again. I have this feeling that general malaise is going to set in soon if we don't resume our regularly scheduled ass kicking.

Side note - this was pointed out by someone in SAN, and I noticed it myself. It seems that even though my druid is black furred, when I do a mangle the animation is a brown bear. Creepy.

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  1. I think that's why I haven't joined SAN. I can't stand the idea of just playing around with a low level alt I'll never do anything with. I certainly have my share of alts, but the majority of them started with a vision of what they would be like at max level, supposing they ever got there.

    I don't play WoW just to hang out with people. I'm very goal oriented. Hanging out can be part of what I do while I'm online, but if I don't have a goal in mind I don't log on.


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