Friday, March 5, 2010

OT - IE is screwing with my formatting

I'm going to have to do some digging now. It seems that my preferred method of composing my blog (writing in Word then doing a copy/paste) doesn't play well with IE8. Bullets and lists get messed up, and I can only imagine that it's really tough to read.

If anyone has any thoughts on this - I'd love to hear them. I'm sure it's got to do with all the formatting code that goes into Word. Maybe I'll try saving the files in some kind of HTML compatible format.

***Edit - WordPad attempts***

This is a test post. Something real will show up today (hopefully)

  • Bullet point one.
  • Bullet point two.
  • This is a third bullet point.

Hopefully this looks halfway decent, and I'll at least have a workaround by using Wordpad instead of Word.


  1. Have you considered composing in a "simpler" program, such as wordpad?

    Alternatively, you can strip the formatting (paste special) and just redo your bullets and stuff. But that's a pain.

  2. Very easy solution. Download firefox, never ever use IE again. Ever.

  3. @Anonymous - well yeah, that works for me - but there are some folks who still use IE. Those are the ones I'm trying to fix this for.

  4. @adgamorix - Honestly the best course of action is to educate everyone you might meet that IE is never ever an acceptable solution. I don't care how much work they are putting into proper code rendering. I don't care about their latest Acid2 trials. What I care about is the egregious amount of time the spent not giving two shits about how their hacked together browser rendered code, and what it did to those of us that write code.

  5. Use Windows Live Writer, it's the best blogging tool I've found.

  6. That list looks way better


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