Thursday, March 11, 2010

HA! Doing it wrong again - Rotface

So it seems that once again, is doing it wrong. For those not familliar with the fight, here's the basic rundown (without pictures). For an awesome picture example (complete with Ninja Turtle reference) go check out Fulguralis's post on "Killing 'em slowly". Anyway - here's the twenty-five cent version of the fight.

MT hold Rotface in the center of the room. Diseased people get cleansed and create small oozes, small oozes become a big ooze, big ooze is kited by the OT, big ooze explodes and the raid moves. The important part of this is the kiting, because there is lots and lots of ooze on the ground that you're supposed to dodge.

It seems the prescribed way to handle the kiting is to kite in a 'kidney shaped' pattern through the half of the room that has no slime puddles. Making your Indy track pattern, you adjust as new slime is released, and other spots clear up. It seems that standing in the slime is bad (gasp - move out of the green stuff raid strat!).

Our OT is Jeff Gordon

Have you ever seen Jeff Gordon race? Me either, but supposedly he's a NASCAR only guy, which means he drives in a circle doing nothing but making left turns. This is our OT.

It may not be conventional, but it works. Our Paladins have BoF ready for him if needed (I think the slime slows you down), but the healing has never been an issue.

The only issue we have is when he starts T-bagging the boss. That's just wrong man.


  1. Hmm, the predominant strats I've read state your OT does NOT run a kidney pattern. You run the full circle, through the ooze, using HoF (Hand of Freedom) when encountering ooze on the ground.

  2. I think it's advised to prevent extra damage from the slime. I would think you'd avoid that so the ooze doesn't accidentally catch you.

  3. Just what we need. Rage screaming BOF BOF BOF BOF BOF BOF more.

  4. Going by the comments on the Killing em Softly post, everyone other than them kites the ooze in a circle, running through puddles.

    The big ooze is sooooo slow. When I'm the kiting tank, I tend to worry more about running out of range than about getting caught by the big ooze. HoF is nice in a bind, though.

  5. Yep. Full circle here.

    The biggest problem is getting the infected to not run through the pools if they don't have to.

  6. Dang it - all of you agreeing that the NASCAR method is better kind of ruins my "we're doing it wrong" theme.

    RAGE! Start kiting in a Kidney shape.

  7. plus jeff gordon is one of nascars best road course drivers, the boy can turn more


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