Friday, March 19, 2010

Trusting your team - and making the heal face

We finally got Storming the Citadel-10[H] last night - when Saurfang fell over and caughed up a worthless tier token (shaman I think), and some other stuff I didn't care about. What I did care about was that he finally fell over, as we'd had several sub 10% wipes over two nights time.
Three of which I was directly responsible for.
One of the things that I've enjoyed the most about these heroic mode fights is the required communication and total teamwork required to pull the job off. Calling for non-tanks to use defensive cooldowns, or to heal themselves, coordinating saves, and timing heals - none of this can be taken for granted.
Here's a few examples of how I wiped the raid through a lack of communication - or trust.
  1. Assigned to the players with the Mark - I stopped healing one to Holy Shock/FoL the tank, that I felt was about to die. I saved them, but my assigned target died. If I'd called for them to use a CD - that wipe wouldn't have happened (10%)

  2. Let my Judgement haste buff fall off. If I'd called for a CD or assistance while I refreshed it - that 4% wipe wouldn't have happened (and yes, they died in the time it took to judge and cast).

  3. Failed to notice someone getting a bloodboil while marked - 24k in 2.5 seconds. 6%.

Each of these was preventable, and we finally got everthing wired tight and managed to plant him. I did however, have to make the heal face at the end.

For those that are unfamiliar with the heal face (and really, how many of my readers don't tank OR heal?), this is the face you make when things are really going to the wire - like when Festergut has 3 stacks on him and your tanks are getting pounded. This is where wings fly, speed pots are used, and your finger is hovering over the "AMGTHETANKISGONNADIE" button (lay on hands, nature's swiftness - whatever).

I'm pretty sure I looked like this.


Heroic Saurfang is by far the most unforgiving thing I have healed - ever. I can't see how someone can heal this in a FoL build, there's just so much damage to the marked targets in P2. liberal use of CDs really helped.

I can't wait for the next one.

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  1. I actually had to ponder this post for a couple of days to think about it. On the surface it seems to be something that is easy to do. But from experience it is not. I know we all have our own constructs that we use to interpret the world from and sometimes it can be hard to separate the constructs. I know personally that my first thought is that I might as well do it myself before someone else has a chance to mess it up. I find it hard professionally to trust others to do their job especially once they have messed up before. This is a complete contradiction to everything I learned in the military. There you have to trust that the other will do their job or you die. Kinda similar to WOW except that in WOW only your avatar dies. A wonderfully thought provoking post.


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