Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My new favorite fight

Intense healing encounters - these are the things that really make a healer's night. Up until last night, I though Heroic Saurfang was the pinnacle. Two healers, tight rotations, limited free GCDs. One missed CD or heal, and you're looking at a wipe.

Officially boring.

I'm fairly certain that Mongrr will agree with me on this, but straight up healing encounters are mind-numbingly boring. Regular Marrowgar? Snoozefest. Gunship? Not even worth mentioning. This is one of the reasons we try and two heal as much content as we possibly can. I know some healers don't like the stress of two healing, but that's where we get our game rush. Of course Mongrr was two manning Scholo with Aurora back when Tier 1 gear was the hottest gear on the market.

I live for the interesting fights that require me to dip into my full box of tools. Mana management, my full kit of Hands, shocks, Flash and Holy Lights - everything. The Lich King encounter is right up there with this, with an incredible amount of raid damage and tank spikes. We run three healers on this though, so help is generally available.

Enter the Dreamwalker

Last night we focused on Heroic Dreamwalker. On normal, I'm one of the portal jumpers, using Beacon of Light on Valithria and exploiting the bonus healing that you can get from the Glyph of Holy Light. This leads to some insane healing numbers, and allows us to blow through the encounter amazingly fast. Mongrr covers the raid healing, and never has any issues between bubble use and quick heals. Heroic mode is something else entirely.

During our first attempts, Mongrr was getting overrun with raid damage. The tanks were taking inordinate spike damage, and the raid damage was spikey as well. We made a switch to put him in the portals and to have me stand out healing the raid since my BoL could cover the tanks.

I was not prepared

I honestly wasn't ready for the sheer volume of damage that was being handed out to the tanks, especially when they had worms and such on them. The first few learning wipes were definitely due to me figuring out which mobs I needed to worry about, and which ones I could 'rest' on.

By our second night in, I was set. I went with my full INT gear setup, and used the 51/20/0 spec for DS/DG and Imp Devo. Given that the main issue before was tank damage, I elected to not use BoL on Valithria, but instead focus on keeping the raid alive and letting our portal jumpers do their job.

Let the chaos begin

I'm sure that there's still something we're missing on this fight, as far as avoidable damage is concerned. Sometimes I'd see an add explode and 1/2 the raid would drop to 10% health. Other times it'd go off and nobody's bar would move. Figuring that out would probably knock this down a notch in difficulty.

Regardless, by the end of the fight I didn't have a single CD left available. LoH? Gone. HoP? Used. HoS, HoF, DS/DG, cleanse - everything was going into the mix. After a 99% wipe (would that be a 1% wipe?) when we got close again I just focused on helping push her over the top. I probably should have just dropped BoL on her at the end, but instead I let our Panzerkin die while I helped with the last 2%. Sry:(

The only disappointing thing for me with the fight was that there weren't any fireworks, or even an achievement spam, for having killed her in heroic mode.

The post fight rush

More than any fight yet - this one had me scrambling the most. No, it's not the most difficult in terms of mechanics, tricks, or other little gimmicks. It's simply dig in and pump out the green numbers. This is definitely another fight where "alive" is what's needed - topped off is just a bonus.

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