Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whiney Post about....whiney post day

I get it. I really do. Shared topics are fun, and they give us something to chat about in common. I also agree with Tobold, in that this is MY blog space. Not yours. I get to write what I want, and occasionally (ok, generally when someone asks) I will write about a requested topic/thought/issue. I suppose if someone wrote me and specifically asked me to NOT write about a subject, I'd write about that too.

Just because I'm that kind of guy.

Today though blogsphere, I was not presented with my usual posts of WoW. Instead I was presented with whiney posts - ranging from the angsty teen sounding, to the straight up rants.

And I enjoyed them.

Oh yes. I reveled in their wit and humor. I discovered that some of my favorite bloggers have a writing style that I simply want to read more of, and learn from. I felt like perhaps I didn't belong in the company of these folks, to count myself as one amongst them.

Which of course, is rubbish. There's no entry requirements to this merry band of fellows. I didn't have to fill out an application to become a WoW blogger, or join SAN, or even to join BlogAzeroth. All I had to do was start a blog.

So that's my complaint today. Ya'll wrote great posts, that I enjoyed reading, but that weren't about WoW. Yeah - I'll get over it.

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