Friday, April 1, 2011

Blogspot is being a punk

So blogspot is being a complete POS right now. For whatever reason when I use the compose window, it's not recognizing the carriage returns and putting the

brackets in the HTML code (watch, it'll pick up those brackets right now and bork this post too). This really sucks, because it means that I have to either a) type all my posts in HTML code (f that), b) switch to another hosting service that I can't access from work, or c) deal with my posts just being giant blocks of text. I'm not really keen on the wall of text, since it's difficult to read. I'm really not keen on switching to another host either. I suppose I could type in all the HTML tags, but that just gives me flashbacks to my intro to Web Design class - which I really hated. I suppose it could be my browser or something else (since it seems that bold works fine), but who knows. Now to think up something useful to write about today.

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  1. In the Post Options at the bottom of the editor there is a setting "Edit HTML Line Breaks". Make sure that's set to "Press "Enter" for line breaks" and you should be great.


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