Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 09 - My first blog post

Two words for you on my first blog post.

Bore ring.
Seriously. My post was the equivelant of the programming script that produces "Hello World", nothing more than me poking my head out of my gopher hole. I'm here to tell you from personal expericence, that it's a dangerous move. More than one gopher has gotten shot with my trusty .22 just for sticking his head up to see what's going on.

Come on, think about it for a minute. We all remember the whack-a-mole game from Chucky Cheese (or whatever your local bad pizza and games site was as a kid), and we certainly make enough references to it in regards to healing. At the very beginning, I'm pretty sure I was more than a little nervous about voicing my opinion out where everyone could read it. I mean, what if they don't like me or agree with me?

And that right there, is what prompted me to write more. Because if I can infuriate just one troll, and maybe help one other person, then it's worth it all.

That, and I need a place to share stories about Old Greg.

*Edit* Fail blogger is bad.  Damn scheduling.

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