Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 01 – Introduce yourself

I'm handling the 20 days of blogging challenge less like a challenge, and more like a chance to get some filler content when I'm not talking about how big the check has to be for me to whore out to the LFD or the state of the Paladin in general.

Introduce yourself

I'm Adgamorix (Hi Adgamorix!) - though that's really just the name my toon happened to have at the moment I decided to start blogging.  If you went back to Malygos in 2007 you would have found me as Tarde in Vanilla, Apokalyptiko in BC (damn name change), etc.  Hell, one of the biggest problems new members to our guild have is that we all use different names for each other.  For example our MT is named Vonkaiser, but we generally call him JM or Gary Busey. 

But this is supposed to be about me I suppose, and not my toon. 

I'm a military brat to start, and I wound up in Alaska working in the oil fields after I got out of the Army.  I'm curretnly employed as a Network Administrator of some type at an Engineering firm, and have been doing IT work for about 11 years.  Way to jump in right after the .dot bomb went off.  I do find it ironic though that I make a rediculous salary for having about nine months of tech school under my belt, while my wife has her masters degree from Notre Dame and takes home about half of what I do.  Funny how shit works out.

Enough about that

Really though, right now I'm Pistonhondo - Holy Pally and one of 10 officers in .  Seeing as we have 10 members, it's not a lot of power.  I've been a guild leader, raid leader, and guild destroyer.  I've gotten server firsts, and missed out on entire raid patches.  Kinda like life I suppose.

Next - Day 02 - Why I decided to start a blog.

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  1. Gary Busey chiming in..."Well then I'll keep it up!!!"


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