Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 17 - My Favorite Spot (in game or out)

Like my other posts about favorites, it's tough to nail down just one.  I used to spend a lot of time hanging out on the bank steps in Dalaran, but now that we have flying mounts I usually just log out hovering over Org.  I don't have a spot that makes me think "oh man, this, this is the view - I need a house right here" or anything like that.  I suppose if I had to pick just one spot, it would be this.

Over the body of a new kill.

I'm not talking about "oh hey, H-Chim for the 10th time".  I'm talking a new raid boss, Heroic or otherwise.  That feeling of accomplishment that the group came together and pulled it off.  We don't do a lot of kill shots any more, though we still get the sandbox tiger from time to time.

On my mountain

This is my favorite spot outside of WoW, other than maybe my couch.  There's a hike I do once or twice a year that takes me to a secluded hilltop out in the Alaskan wilderness.  A sunrises makes the mountains look like they are on fire, and that's where I go to recharge.  I've only ever seen one other person out there, though I have run into a few bears.  It's close enough that I can drive down after work and hike in by 2AM or so, then have my sunrise and cofee, and be home by dinner. 

That's one thing I love about Alaska though.  In 15 minutes I can be on a trailhead, and in an hour I can be completely out of civilization.  Plus, we don't have tornados.

Up next - my favorit outfit.

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