Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 04 - Your best wow memory

Coming up with a best memory is really tough.  You could say "these are my top 5 best memories", but that would be pretty silly when you think about it.  I mean, the definition of best is that there's nothing better, otherwise what would be the point of being the best?  That's like when someone tries to say that Infinity+1 is a larger number than Infinity.  It makes no sense because a) Infinity isn't really a number and b) Infinity already covers Infinity.

But I digress.

Instead of listing my best memory, I'll instead list my top memories.  I might even have a screenshot this time. 

So, in no real order (because that would then give weight to the fact that one is indeed the best), here are some of my top memories in WoW.


Back on Bladefist towards the end of our active raiding, we joined up with a guild to try and do 25m raiding.  Now, you have to picture this - you have a guild of people who want to raid, and 10 of us come in and basically dictate terms and enforce our will on the guild.  Personally if I was the GM I never would have taken the 10 of us on with the demands that I made, but that's his problem not mine.  Now as you can imagine, there was a lot of tension once we came on board, and a lot of the old gaurd didn't like the new swaggar attitude we brought. 

During one particularly tight moment, someone tried to ragequit the guild.  I forget the exact reason, but the short of it was they made this huge rant speech about how everything was going to hell in a handcart with the guild, and then typed in guit.  While I'm probably sure they died of shame after that moment, it was still pretty danged funny and it's a running joke still.


I'm sure I misspelled that, but you get the idea.  This was spammed in /guild after our first Ragnaros kill back on Malygos.  It was back when I was still playing a rogue, but damn if it wasn't a great moment in the game.  I was still a total noob, and this kill opened a huge door into a new level of raiding for me - it also opened the door to tanking as I switched to my warrior soon after.

My buddy and me!

Back when I first started playing, my buddy Mini and I were some total noobs.  I remember trying to do the Deadmines as a rogue/hunter combo - because we had no clue what we were doing.  It wasn't our greatest WoW momeht, but it's definately a great WoW memory. 

Thunder, Thunder, Thunderfury!

This was a really big moment for me, because it was our guild's first Thunderfury.  Getting it was a challenge, and I'm sure Toby thinks I still owe him money from this.  We weren't really even in BWL yet, so we wound up buying the ores from some gold farmer in IF.  It was a big highlight for me, and I do miss being able to just wave it around and have more threat than I knew what to do with.  It also sounded awesome when you used it, and I packed that baby around until the 2nd or 3rd nerf in BC.  Easily my favorite legendary.

Every new bosskill

May sound sappy, but I love new bosskills, especially with my current guild.  Paired with this is every time a BoE epic drops that we can sell for a million dollars (I'm gonna be Oprah rich).  I just love getting new boss kills, and I love not having to grind out any kind of consumable or repair money.  Speaking of, it's about time to make someoen else rich - I need more fortune cookies. 

None is best

So you see, none of these are better than the other - and I"m leaving out a lot as well.  The Starscream incident, every time Twerpinator died, every gnome I've ever killed....

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