Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 06 - My Desk

So here it is, in all its spelndor.  There are a few key elements to the space though, and we'll cover them from left to right.  I apologize if the photo image is terrible, I took the picture with my phone this morning.

The Green Blanket

On the far left of the deak you'll see a green blanket folded up, with a roll of CAT5 sitting on it.  This is ironic, because normally it's my cat sitting there.  She likes to hang out and watch movies with me, or generally interfere with my ability to manipulate the keyboard.   The network cable is usually under the desk, in case I have to string CAT5 across the house because my wireless is acting up. 

The monitors

I actually don't run dual monitors, I run two desktops.  The one on the left is currently showing The Thomas Crown Affair I think - and this is where I run my music or whatever YouTube nonsense we're sharing at the moment.  The center monitor is my gaming screen, and is still too low, even though it's sitting on a phone book and I think the sixth Harry Potter book. 


I drink more energy drinks than is healthy I'm sure.  Lo-Carb Monster is my drug of choice these days, though really I'll drink whatever is on sale.  I suppose this is a step up though, since three years ago that would have been a bottle of scotch sitting there. 

The mousepad

Probably the last real interesting thing on my desk is my mousepad.  It USED to be a super nice pad I got from ThinkGeek, however it has about a million hours on it, and so all the texture has been rubbed off, and it's now slick like glass.  If you look closely you'll see that there's some white duct tape and some blue painters tape holding another card on top of it.  It's actually the plastic bottom of a shopping bag, but the size was perfect so I just taped it on.  I might get a new mousepad for Christmas, or I might just cover the thing in duct tape and call it good. 

For those wondering, this modification (much like the running of the CAT5) was made mid raid, after I'd had one too many incidents where my mouse wouldn't track vertically. That's dedication for you right there. 

Tomorrow - The reson this place is called Divine Plea

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  1. I knew the moment I saw that roll of CAT5, that it was the one you were rolling out on Heroic Atramedes the other night....

    22:18:34 we hear on vent "I'm wiping the raid..."
    22:18:36 I see you track a sonic breath toward me and stand there....
    22:18:38 You rush to run the line and hook it to the router
    22:19:40 We wipe

    You and Tim with your successful raid DC/wipes.

    On a side note, I believe I am about to take your same blog challenge, I think it would be a great way to start mine off and tell everyone all the info about myself, now if only Tim would link it on the website.


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